Hi! I’m Jacinta Howard

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I’m a Kinesiologist working in Preston & Oak Park, Victoria.

My passion is working with children and with adults are ready for change’s in their lives and to achieve excellent health, wellbeing and joy. It is a great pleasure to help kids understand their emotions and assist in clearing traumatic emotional issues using Kinesiology. It can help teach them to identify and deal with emotions instead of carrying them around for years or even a lifetime.

I enjoy assisting people with their finances and financial goals. Money can be a major cause of stress in some people’s lives. I believe we all deserve to live free of this stress and Kinesiology taps into the sub-conscious mind and helps to change your money habits and live a more abundant lifestyle.

I want to help empower others to be able to heal or deal with their stress themselves when needed. I am passionate about eating well and helping others achieve good health, weight loss and pain free lives.

We are here for a short time and I believe we deserve to enjoy our lives.